Hidden Gift Card Challenge

Grab your chance to win a €50 gift voucher! We've hidden five €50 gift vouchers, one in each of following cities: Kortrijk, Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, and Genk. Complete the RV Challenges below in order to find them!


Days are shorter, the weather is getting cold, we're in lockdown, ... We get it, you'd prefer snuggling up on your sofa more than anything. However, going outside and getting your daily movement is so important. That's why we came up with a little motivation to get your blood flowing! 

We've hidden five €50 gift cards throughout Belgium, one in each of following cities: Ghent, Kortrijk, Brussels, Antwerp, Genk. How to find them? Read below! 

Challenge #1

Run/walk at least 10km or cycle at least 40km. Share your tour on your instagram story, tag @rectoversosports and use the #rvchallenge. 

Challenge #2 

Do a good deed. Put a smile on someone's face, go collect plastic waste, support a charity cause, ... You can be as creative as you want. Share your act of kindness on your instagram story, tag @rectoversosports, and use the #rvchallenge. 


The ultimate tip 

Completed both challenges below? Great, you're almost there! 

Contact us through DM to receive the final tip that will lead you to the secret location. Of course, it'll be encrypted so you'll have to do some thinking to achieve your goal ;-)

Additional rules 

1. First come first serve, so be quick!

2. The challenges are mandatory to receive the cards. If you by accident find out where the cards are, you'll still have to complete the challenges. 

3. We count on your fair play to complete the challenges! 

4. Sharing it on your social media story is a mandatory part of the challenge 

5. You can only compete once (so in one city)